All Who Are Weary

When All around You seems to fade away
and you can't fight to live another day
When all your friends have turned their backs to you
and you don't think there's someone there for you

When times are rough and you can't find that place
because you feel like you have lost your way
Just remember what I've said to you
"In Your weakness, it's my strength that's gonna get you through"

Come reaching out for me
Come reaching out for me

All who are weary
run to my arms and I'll give you rest
All who are broken
run to my heart and I'll heal your brokeness
all who are hurting
run to the healing flood of life
My yoke is easy and my burden is light

So keep your head up keep standing tall
Don't lose your faith or you've got nothing at all
Don't get distracted my child keep staying strong
"Cause I'm here don't you know I've been here all along

La La Hey

La La Hey
Hey La La La Hey Hey
La La La La La Hey Hey

You have made my heart rejoice
I have no other choice
than to worship You my God

You tell Your people to be still
and be still I will
and know that You are God

In the morning I offer my prayer to You
and I eagerly wait
because I know that You don't do good things Lord
The things You do are great

Forever You Reign

Before the world was made
Lord You were
and as we live today
Lord You are
For eternity You'll always be
Lord, we know Your kingdom has no end

Forever You reign
Forever You reign
King of all kings
how great is Your majesty
For eternity Your people will sing
Forever You reign
Forever You reign

There is no one like You God
In the heavens and the earth
none that compares
You're highly and exalted above this world
Lord, we know Your kingdom has no end

You reign for all eternity and
You reign through all the end of time
You reign over Your children singin'
You reign over this heart of mine

We Will Not Be Shaken

We will not be shaken
We will not be moved
Our joy cannot be taken
We've put our trust in You

We will sing we will shout
We'll play our instruments loud
For our God is on our side
There's no mountain we can't climb
There's no battle we can't fight
For our God is on our side
We will not be shaken

We're putting on our armor
We're putting up our shield
Your blood-stained banner leads us
Oh Lord, we will not yield
No Lord we will not yield

With a mighty hand
You have called us out
With a mighty cry
we're gonna make it loud

With Your holy presence here and now
we will stand firm upon this ground
For Your holy name and Your reknown
we won't back down

No One Like Our God

There are many roads
That's what I hear them say
But I know my only hope
is putting all my trust
all my faith in Thee

Lord above the heavens
hear us as we pray
We declare to the nations
that You are the Life
You're the Truth, the Way

That's why we sing
That's why we sing

There's no one like our God
Let the praises ring
There's no one like our God
All creation sings
Because You gave Your life
Lord You died for me
There's no one like our God we sing

Hope of all the nations
Give us the words to say
Send us in Your power
because it's only by Your blood
that the lost will be saved

Lord, help us speak
Oh, help us speak

You rose from the dead
You conquered the grave
You gave up Your life
so that we could be saved

Now together we sing
Our great and glorious King
You're worthy of praise

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